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Broidy then chose to retire from being the chair person of the Markstone Capital Group. He also paid $18 million onto the state’s pension fund in restitution. This act has been beneficial to him. This helped him reduced his case. Despite those various scandals that he involved in, his philanthropic works will never be forgotten by many people. He is a great multi-millionaire due to his own effort. He also became prominent to his works that benefited the United States, Israel and Los Angeles. He is a reputable leader, a dependable chair person and a valuable person who founded the Broidy Capital Management. He watches over stock investing and private equity-style investments. Due to his great abilities and outstanding leadership, he has actually sat on boards of various companies, which include the Event Solutions International, Vantis Capital Management and others. Elliot Broidy has the ability to managing all the issues that he encountered in his career, and he showed professionalism on every work he performs. All his significant works play a crucial role in ensuring that all those residing in Los Angeles will have a bright future ahead of them.

In addition, Broidy has various years in financial management and he became an executive manager at Bell Enterprise and Markstone Capital. In 1991, he established Broidy Capital Management, a Los Angeles-based private equity company. This guy also sat innumerable corporate boards like Event Solutions International, Vantis Capital Management and Foley Timber. Elliot Broidy has a wide business and investment experience. Most people also recognize his philanthropic endeavors. He assisted multiple agencies that work to assist American military veterans and members like Medal of Honor Foundation and Wounded Warriors Project. He also established Hounds for Heroes, which offers specially trained service dogs to recurring active-duty veterans. As one of the LA’s active patron, he got board positions at various charitable and educational agencies such as California-Israel Chamber of Commerce, the Every Child Foundation, Willshire Boulevard Temple, and Cedras-Sinai Medical Center. In 2008, Broidy joined the ranks of Miep Gies. He also joined the ranks of Elizabeth Dole and H. Ross. His prestigious award called “The Raoul Wallenberg Award” is named after the soldier who saved the lives of multiple people while serving the U.S. War Refugee Board in Hungary during World War II. With his accomplishments and great help to people, the life of Elliot Broidy was covered in multiple magazines.


Moreover, Boridy also extended some assistance to the JFK for the Performing Arts along with the United States Homeland Security Advisory Council. This was mainly appointed by Sec. Michael Chertoff. During the year 2008, Broidy has received the prominent Raoul Wallenberg Award because of his participation in Israel on the 2nd Intifada. From year 1982 up to 1991, Elliot Broidy used to be the Bell Enterprises’ Managing Director in which he was involved in an extensive variety of investments that include management of private equity, real estate, marketable securities as well as other unconventional investments. Elliot has begun his career within Arthur Andersen & Co. Yet, his achievement does not only halt there because he also managed to become the chairman of ESI Holdings Inc. (Event Solutions International, Inc.). Moreover, he has also supported the Board of Directors of certain companies. These companies basically include the Foley Timber & Land Company and L.P Vantis Capital Management LLC. Now, Elliot Broidy is a highly accepted CPA. He has gained his BS in Accounting and Finance that is provided in the University of Southern California. With this and all, there is no doubt how Broidy become well known within the industry he is presently working in.

Elliot Broidy is widely recognized among several societal and business circles due to his humanitarian works. He is also known as a great leader in the community and in the business world. He has long been one of the great pillars of the LA community, making valuable investments in a lot of business organizations. Over the years, he have given his energy, time and money to different charitable organizations that have greatly benefited thousands of individuals in Los Angeles. Elliot Broidy has experienced valuable opportunities offered by his native land, Los Angeles. Due to this, he also decided to give back to his city of where he was born. He is actually a self-made businessman who is continuously sharpening his corporate acumen and established a track record of thriving principal investing. All his learning served as a great foundation for his reputable investment management company. He has more than thirty years of financial management experience and obtained high positions in companies such as Markstone Capital and Bell Enterprises. In 1991, Broidy established a private equity company in Los Angeles, which is now known as the Broidy Capital Management.