The Hot Home Video, Audio, and Electronic Design Trends of 2014 part 2

2014 has been a important year for tech. There have been innovative enhancements, as well as there are all types of possibilities that didn’t exist before. Here are a few of the trends that have dominated in the last years, and a look at how those trends could effect the market in the future. Viewing this video of Denon AVR-S500BT Receiver Review product will give one a good understanding on it.

For starters, it appears that Android is very much in style. This year, Android took over a significant proportion of the Smartphone marketshare, 79%. In comparison, Apple controls 15% of the marketshare, whereas Microsoft just controls 4%. It’s obvious that more and more persons are being brought to Android devices, and the iPhone is going to lose a bit of of the prestige it once possessed. It’s extremely possible that Apple may be introducing a new, hotter iProduct in the very near future. Another very hot style is wearable tech. It’s not a bad idea to watch this Denon AVR-S700W video before making that final call on the product.

Anything from wireless pedometers to smartphones is becoming available in a wearable form. From Google Glass to the Smart Hoodie to the upcoming iWatch, it appears that this is the year when wearable tech may seriously start to create an impact. More and more persons are deciding to use their tech, and as improved devices become available, even more persons may give these products a try. Visiting the video page of Epson WorkForce WF-3640 Inkjet Printer can provide one with some important info on the product.

Some different hot merchandise feature curved TVs, 3D technology, as well as more complex Smart TVs. There are also innovative, smaller chips and more powerful types of flash memory. It’s clear that 2014 has made for lots of modifications in the electronic design industry, and the tech landscape might look extremely different in the years to come. From futuristic wearable tech to incredible TVs, the innovative technology launched in 2014 is amazing. Hopefully, we may be seeing even more interesting and intriguing tech advances before the year is over.